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Aida Asaka's Jewelry

Our jewelry are suitable for many occasions like business scene, bridal, party, and so on. 


High Quality is Top Priority

     Many of our customers accept us as a family jeweler.  In many cases, we first met our customers when they need some jewelry for business scene, and then bridal jewelry, and an anniversary jewelry.  As time goes by, almost all of customers who have daughter introduce us to their daughter, and granddaughter.

     Due to that, an age group of our customers widely spread as we have done business for 20 years.

     We are very proud of this relationships because that reflect  trusts of our customers toward to us.

     We understand that there is a only one way to keep this happy relationship.  The way is to keep providing high quality jewelry all the time and never betray the trust of  our customers.
     Our most important policy is that be honest and always provide high quality jewelry, and make our customer happy.

     The policy has never changed since the beginning, and will not change in the future.

Fantasy cut gemstones

We offer jewelry for daily use.  Photo below shows rings which fantasy cut - free from cut - gemstones are used.


Love, life, ocean - Pearl is like a crystal of the lives

There are many kind of gems exist and most of them are minerals, however pearls are one of the very few organic gem materials.

相田朝香、真珠養殖場での修業時代The changing seasons in Japan, beautiful ocean, and wisdom beyond the capability of human beings, all of those factors are fundamentals to grow pearls beautifully.  Beautiful pearls are grown in certain circumstances which consist of three live.  Those lives are; mother-of-pearl bivalve named Akoya, bountiful sea, and loving care by cultivators.

A cultured pearl is consist of nucleus and nacreous layers.  A thickness of nacre is about 0.0005 mm and hundreds and hundreds of nacreous layers made up attractive nacreous luster.

Thick nacreous layers make pearls look heavy.  Homogeneously-laid nacrei creat strong reflected light from a pearl, and conservative rainbow colors caused by interference of light.  Those two factors generate beautiful optical effect called overtone.

Aida Asaka Pearls Co., Ltd. uses only top quality pearls only.

Colored Stones


Non-tinted Pearls


Rarity of Pearls